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cripelectric ([personal profile] cripelectric) wrote2011-12-06 09:58 am

my major research project

I'man M.A. student in critical disability studies at York University in a one year M.A. program. Fanfiction and disability, disability fics, and the writers who write them and who identify as disabled are what my major research project.

Because it's a one year program,what my M.R.P. ends up being about might not include participants, however, I am hoping to conduct qualitative, interview-based researchon this for my PhD. starting next year.

For this yearthough,I am hoping to make this journal theplace where I keep all the links to fanfiction resources and disability resources i find online. I also hope to keep llinks to more general disability-related websites as well as more specific disability culture websites.

But, I hope to also have this as a space where I can interact with others who are interested in disability in fanfiction, disability fics, and critical disability scholarship- as well as academia in general.

If you are interested in my more academically-focused journal, which will be more about the theories, the methodology, and the process of doing my M.R.P. you can check out my blog.

I also have anoter journal at LiveJournal, as I didn't know if people onone visited theother. I am fairly new to the world of online journaling, so still learning this stuff.
I think the posts on both journals will probably be the same at first, or maybe one will become more active , i don'tknow.

For now, I've given them all the same title: "I can kill you with my brain"
which is from one of my favorite shows of all time- along with "Buffy" and "Xena"- "Firefly".

the livejournal address is :